Ziemys Headshot

Arturas Ziemys, PhD

Arturas Ziemys has obtained a Ph.D. degree in molecular biophysics within biomedical sciences in the Institute of Biochemistry and the Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuanian) in 2002. Later, he has trained as postdoctoral fellow in The Ohio State University and the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in the areas of biophysics, drug transport, and nanoporous materials. He has joined Houston Methodist Research Institute in 2010 as a faculty in the Department of Nanomedicine. He is a co author of many peer-reviewed publications, holds awards from Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, serves as a peer-reviewer for scientific publications and grant proposal domestically and outside US. Dr. Ziemys has provided consulting services to biomedical and energy business, too. The focus of his research relies on analytical aspects of biomedical engineering. Some of his research interests fall nanomedicine, intratumoral pharmacokinetics, biological process analysis and diagnostics, therapeutic resistance, computational modeling, image analysis, mass transport physics in tissues, and new algorithms for tissue imaging analysis.