Our Mission

The goal of our lab is to facilitate science and technology applications for better diagnostics and therapeutics through translational and interdisciplinary research. We investigate multi-disciplinary problems of drug delivery, therapeutic resistance, and diagnostics by applying physics and informatics based analytical and computation techniques over in vitro, in vivo, and clinical data sets. Our research history includes: drug delivery in liver, drug vectors, transport-based therapeutic resistance for immunotherapies and small molecules, biophysical barriers in drug delivery, imaging analysis, applications of machine learning, development of new algorithms for cell organization in biopsies, biodistribution and intratumoral pharmacokinetics studies, as well as development of other novel computational analysis techniques for engineering applications.

Research interests:

  • Transport-based therapeutic resistance

  • Intratumoral pharmacokinetics in metastases

  • Immune cell infiltration and immunotherapies

  • Process analysis and optimization

  • Predictive surrogate markers for efficacy

Center for Immunotherapeutic Transport Oncophysics
Research Outputs